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Sketchy Sketch :iconthemonsterlovedbygod:themonsterlovedbyGod 0 0
Silent Driving
Silent Driving
On most days, I drive with the stereo booming till my ears pop. However, this isn't one of those days. The Engine starts as I insert the key into the ignition, I turn on the air-conditioner and i start to drive. I pass two ladies crossing the street hand in hand. It looks like they're going somewhere nearby. There was a dog walking all alone, it was black and large, almost the size of a mini car for kids. I decided against pushing the power button for the radio. Silence just feels so much better right now. By the time i reach a curve, i saw a blue and silver jeepney drive by in a hurry. There were only a few passengers on it, a typical sunday afternoon. The sun is hot and warm, everyone's everywhere but out in the street. I think to myself, it's a good day to drive. Traffic's just too much of a hassle during the weekdays. It's quite relaxing on moments as such. Not having to be aggressive so as to get to my destination faster. A chicken roaster sign, a huge university, a
:iconthemonsterlovedbygod:themonsterlovedbyGod 0 0
I Do :iconthemonsterlovedbygod:themonsterlovedbyGod 6 0
Free Falling
Free Falling
Take what's mine I won't fight back
Leave my side and fade away
Keep at it, strike an attack
I won't face it any other way
When the sun dims on a rainy day
My umbrella fails me just the same
As long as stars still shine, I am okay
Forget it all but not my name
You can steal these words my fingers type
But you can't take what's in my heart
Emotions and feelings in the hype
Please but rather take the sorrows part
:iconthemonsterlovedbygod:themonsterlovedbyGod 0 0
Tear Drops
Tear Drops
Sadness comes when the sky is dark
and the moon knows not it shines
When the sun hides behind a bark
and gives its light to fill the night
I have no need to possess
Everything my heart is wanting
To get just what is necessary
Will fulfill my soul's panting
To live a life abundant with joy
Much blessing indeed it is
With love, a fire, do not just toy
Lest fall so hard and find no bliss
:iconthemonsterlovedbygod:themonsterlovedbyGod 0 0
Panda :iconthemonsterlovedbygod:themonsterlovedbyGod 1 0 Magical First Kiss :iconthemonsterlovedbygod:themonsterlovedbyGod 2 2 Make Up Splatter :iconthemonsterlovedbygod:themonsterlovedbyGod 0 2 Have a Sit :iconthemonsterlovedbygod:themonsterlovedbyGod 1 2 Shanghai for One Day 03 :iconthemonsterlovedbygod:themonsterlovedbyGod 0 0 Shanghai for One Day 02 :iconthemonsterlovedbygod:themonsterlovedbyGod 1 0 Shanghai for One Day 01 :iconthemonsterlovedbygod:themonsterlovedbyGod 4 5 White Ceiling :iconthemonsterlovedbygod:themonsterlovedbyGod 0 0 Concentric Circles :iconthemonsterlovedbygod:themonsterlovedbyGod 1 2 San Miguel by the Bay :iconthemonsterlovedbygod:themonsterlovedbyGod 2 2 China :iconthemonsterlovedbygod:themonsterlovedbyGod 0 0

Random Favourites

Worth Living For
We watched the world pass by together,
You would capture all its beauty.
Allowing me to see that it was worth living for.
you turned the world into a fantasy,
just so that it was bearable.
So many times you saved me,
Loved me for who I was,
protected me from the lifes cruelty,
Gave me air to breath,
and brothers I could call my own.
When you moved millions of miles
I was angry with you,
but I knew that you were still there.
and I would wait to hear your voice,
and see your smile again.
Now I know you cant come back.
the doctors made a mistake.
Youve left us for good
and I cant see you again,
but keep you in my heart.
I never thought the day would come,
when i would watch the world pass by alone.
thinking that I wish you were here,
to bring beauty back to the world,
to make it all worth living for.
By: Rippers Back  
:iconrippers-back:Rippers-back 2 11
All Alone :iconnocturnalspirit:NocturnalSpirit 6 24
Able to Unable
i told you i love you
said it many times
but you were too deaf
you didn't become mine
i showed how i love you
witnessed truth many times
but you were too blind
you didn't become mine
i asked if you love me too
questioned you many times
you were too mute
you didn’t become mine
i made you feel I love you
i loved you for a long time
you were too numb
you didn't become mine
i thought you were disabled
who can't hear, see, speak and feel
but it turns out, i was stupid
oblivious to the real deal
you are not disabled
neither you are deaf, blind, mute and numb
you just don't love me
           you just don't love me
that's why you didn't become mine.
:iconfishgonesad:fiShgOnEsaD 2 7
15 Points :iconchaoticparadox:chaoticparadox 150 88
Just a poem
Some say,
  a poem is just a poem,
an arrangment of words--
   a flurry of feelings
all put down
      by the pen
a way to relieve the hate
              sadness and stress
when the care you need
                       is to late
or was never coming.
feeling the softness of the led,
      as thoughts flow freely
in the deep canyons of your mind
flowing out onto the paper
the paper, your only friend
    in that moment of despair.
and then you hear them say-
           a poem is just a poem.
:iconnobodysfool10490:Nobodysfool10490 1 8
the raindrops of my mind
The rain has come once more
        and the clouds begin to cry
I'm drowning in their tears
        once more i want to die
just standing here, letting the raindrops kiss my cheek
The sun was supposed to come out long ago
         I've been wishing so hard for it
To come and take my hand so
         I can pull out of the deep puddle of insanity
falling down so hard upon me, my knees begin to feel weak
I'm completely drenched-
         It's been pouring so long
now I'm dancing in the rain
         if only i had this lack of caring all along
so much water all around, dont even see my own eyes begin to leak
So now
:iconnobodysfool10490:Nobodysfool10490 3 8
cant fly away :iconchaoticparadox:chaoticparadox 240 59 BW Lone tree II :iconstudio7designs:studio7designs 85 70 Untitled II :icondark-nova:dark-nova 1,061 227 The Final Day :iconchaoticparadox:chaoticparadox 229 102
If I look into your eyes,
Will I see your soul?
Will I look into your heart
And say you love me so?
For if ones eyes are windows
Then yours are beautifully stained
with love, compasion,
and all that is good.
... but what lies beyond?
:icongaldas88:galdas88 1 13
I'm a poet.
I'm a poet.
An emotional poet at heart.
I have a passion inside, I'm born to write.
I will shine my talents tonight.
I'm a poet.
An origional piece of art.
Thinks with her mind, inspires with words.
Flying as free, just singing with birds.
I'm a poet.
What do you think?
Do I have meaning with the words that I speak?
Is it me who you seek?
I'm a poet.
How did we meet?
Did I comment your work and think it was neat?
Why don't you listen to me and take a seat?
I'm a poet.
I am as I stand today.
Or in my bed as I'm laying down.
Today I be gifted and shown the way.
:iconsammy-jo:Sammy-Jo 1 30
Fantasy comedy sad version
Still havent woken yet.
Still caught within your dream.
Cramped train, caught in the net.
Still your lost and so it seems.
Frozen life, as you fatasize.
Frozen your shining knight will soon arrive.
You will imagine it's the love that binds.
Well maybe you should give it five.
The barbie with the long long locks.
I've come to save you now.
I've come to save you. I love you lots.
Now I will climb to bring you down.
My knight where have you been?
I've been waiting for a year.
Give me the chance, arn't you that's keen?
Keep ranting on, I'll leave you my dear.
Saved in fatasy world.
Lost in reality.
:iconsammy-jo:Sammy-Jo 1 15



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It has been a year since I started venturing into wedding photography. Pressure has been all over, mostly from myself really. I guess becoming a professional photographer really entails a lot of technical discipline. And I've been happy with the progress that I've been making.

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However, I keep forgetting to shoot for myself. There are times when I come home and tell myself that I should have done this, or done that. I guess my learning here is that I shouldn't let my creative self die just because this is my job now.

I have to stay deviant for the sake of art :)


Betty L. Uy
Artist | Professional | Photography
An art fan turned hobbyist turned sideline photographer, now a professional photographer. I also write for expression and draw for fun.



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